Solgaz OPTIMEX 3+1 built-in hob „gas under glass”

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Dimensions (WxDxH) [cm]
58 x 52 x 9
Gas type (selectable)
G20 (Gz50, E), Gz35, Gz41,5, LPG, Propane
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Solgaz OPTIMEX 3+1 built-in hob “gas under glass”

The OPTIMEX 3+1 ceramic gas hob is a cabinet-mounted appliance. It is equipped with four cooking fields and one free zone, which does not consume gas and can be used to heat food. Optimex 3+1 is another unique product among our original flameless gas hobs. Compared to its predecessor, the GPC hob is distinguished by a larger ceramic surface, a more ergonomic burner arrangement, it is also 1.5 cm lower and fitted with new, more elegant exhaust grilles.

Solgaz OPTIMEX 3+1 built-in hob „gas under glass”

Free field

The additional free field is heated by hot vapours and works perfectly for reheating food


9 power leves

The 9-level slider allows you to precisely select the power of the appliance to suit the food you are currently cooking


Esthetic outlet grid

The outlet grid has been minimised, giving the hob a much more sleek look

Solgaz OPTIMEX 3+1 built-in hob „gas under glass”


When the set time has elapsed, the hob will switch itself off / give an audible signal.


Parental control

For the sake of safety, the hob is equipped with a button that locks its start-up. This ensures that the device will not switch on accidentally.


Optimum dimensions

This model has been lowered by 1.5cm compared to the GPC hob, in order to make it look even better in your kitchen.

Solgaz 3+1 gas hob – technological innovations in flameless gas hobs 

Catalytic burners are hidden under the surface of the ceramic. The benefits of this technology are reduced carbon dioxide production compared to traditional gas cookers, no greasy deposits on kitchen equipment and the ease of keeping the flameless gas hob clean.

Cooking on an Optimex 3+1 gas hob is a very economical solution. Saves up to 50% on gas consumption thanks to the appliance’s cyclic operation, use of a free field and catalytic gas combustion. The free field takes no gas. It uses hot air from one of the operating burners for heating. It is the perfect solution for reheating or maintaining the temperature of prepared food.

The safety of the Optimex 3+1 flameless gas hobs is ensured by systems that control gas intake and combustion, gas anti-flow protection and the signalling of a flooded control panel. The intuitive touch control panel with which the “gas under glass” hob is equipped adds to the convenience of cooking.

Solgaz 3+1 “gas under glass” hob – a Polish patent

The Solgaz Optimex 3+1 “gas under glass” hob is an appliance that combines the economy and convenience of gas with the perfect look of induction hobs. The glass gas hob “gas under glass” is a patented solution and is manufactured only by SOLGAZ.

Solgaz OPTIMEX 3+1 built-in hob „gas under glass”


Solgaz 3+1 Optimex gas hob uses up to 50% less gas than a traditional cooker. The gas is burned catalytically at 800 degrees. The burners work in cycles – they turn off the gas intake when the surface is already sufficiently heated and start up when it is needed. 


No burners on the hob

Solgaz 3+1 Optimex gas hob means no protruding grates, burners or grates. The burners, hidden under the ceramic, make it extremely easy to keep the hob clean. A smooth surface without any nooks and crannies where dirt accumulates is a guarantee of an aesthetically pleasing appearance during daily use. 



The dual security systems incorporated in the hob give a maximum sense of security. The catalytic burners that burn the gas convert the heat received into infrared radiation. Each burner is equipped with an individual gas combustion system. There is no question of uncontrolled gas leakage. In addition, when something spills onto the hob – the appliance will automatically switch off, giving an audible signal. 

Solgaz OPTIMEX 3+1 built-in hob „gas under glass”

No fatty


Temperature of


Up to 10x less carbon monoxide


No protruding grates


No special cookware required


Dimensions (WxDxH) [cm]
58 x 52 x 9
Gas type (selectable)
G20 (Gz50, E), Gz35, Gz41,5, LPG, Propane
Additional features
Hob features
Door To Door
Diameter of the cooking zones
13 cm, 16 cm, 20 cm
Power supply voltage [V]
Number of cooking zones


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