Built-in gas hobs under glass

Our flameless gas hobs combine the modern look typical of induction cooktops with the familiar and appreciated technology of gas cookers. The result is an innovative, stylish appliance that not only looks good in your kitchen, but also saves energy and allows you to cook to the highest standard.

The main advantages of the hob, under which the burners are hidden, are:

  • ease to keep clean,
  • sleek design,
  • as well as free fields that are heated by hot vapours.

Hidden under glass, the touch-controlled gas burners use up to 50% less gas and are sealed against possible gas leaks, guaranteeing not only energy savings but also an invaluable sense of safety.

Technologia płyt gaz pod szkłem
Hob technology gas under glass

``Gas under glass`` technology


We have been in business for more than 20 years and the products we create have been developed and patented in Poland, which ensures the uniqueness of the solutions used.


We combine the modern design of induction hobs with the functionality of gas hobs. The highest quality materials ensure durability and unique comfort.


Gas technology under glass avoids burnt pots and greasy deposits without sacrificing the ability to cook at the highest level.


Thanks to catalytic combustion at 800 degrees and the cyclic operation of the burners, our hob reduces gas consumption by up to 50%.


Unique burner arrangement allows additional free fields to be heated with hot vapours only.


Through specialised probes, the gas combustion process is constantly monitored, ensuring complete comfort and a sense of security.


Systems such as the timer and parental lock ensure that the cooker only runs when you need it to, without worrying about accidentally starting it up.


Our hobs do not require specialised cookware, so you can enjoy modernity without having to replace your favourite equipment. 

More about the technology

The patented technology of gas hobs “gas under glass” is constantly being developed by SOLGAZ. To date, no appliance manufacturer has brought to the market, such an innovative solution that allows customers to enjoy the convenience of gas cooking and the aesthetics of the kitchen that induction hobs provide. In the latest, already 2nd generation of flameless hobs, we have used filaments. This solution is unique in the world.

R&D work on new generations is ongoing. Development and technology are part of SOLGAZ’s DNA.

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Flameless gas hobs

The hob “gas under glass” Solgaz OPTIMEX
  • extraordinary ease of cleaning is ensured by the lack of nooks and crannies where dirt can settle,
  • the additional free field is heated by hot vapours and works perfectly for reheating food,
  • the larger burner surface allows the use of larger cookware,
  • the modern, minimised exhaust grille completes the minimalist design of the appliance,
  • slider with 9 power levels will allow you to easily set the perfect temperature,
  • this model is 1.5 cm lower than the previous hob.
Hob technology gas under glass