The market leader in flameless gas hobs.

We are a Polish company specialising in modern, functional and also unique gas hobs. We have built our business in Poland and it is here that our patented flameless gas hob technology has its roots.

Today, we are leaders among gas hob manufacturers and pioneers in innovative gas under glass technology. Initially, SOLGAZ products were mainly available on the Polish market, but with the rapid growth of our business, we decided to introduce our technology to the international market in order to ultimately modernise your kitchens all over the world.


We have been in business for more than 20 years and the products we create have been developed and patented in Poland, which ensures the uniqueness of the solutions used.


We have sold
more than 200,000
hobs worldwide.


Research and development of further editions is ongoing.


SOLGAZ hob technology

Innovative flameless gas hob technology “gas under glass”. Solgaz’s built-in gas hob features burners concealed under a glass surface. They combine the economy and convenience of gas with the perfect look of induction hobs. The glass gas hob “gas under glass” is a patented solution and is manufactured only by SOLGAZ.


We build our competitive advantage on innovation and differentiation by offering products that other manufacturers do not have. We offer solutions for customers who demand more and are not content with standard, mass-produced equipment. We meet the expectations of people who do not agree with products that consume a lot of electricity and, at the same time, ecological and energy-saving gas hobs do not suit them for aesthetic reasons. Our flagship product combines energy-efficient gas technology with the aesthetics and ease of cleaning of a ceramic hob.

President of SOLGAZ

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