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We warmly welcome you to the world of Solgaz - a place on the map of Poland that has been called the "fortress of kitchen innovations" since 2002.

Solgaz – market leader in flameless gas hobs

A Polish manufacturer of domestic appliances has launched and patented innovative flameless gas hobs. They combine the sleek, simple design of induction hobs with traditional gas cooking. The combination of the features of the two appliances working in different ways has led to customers looking for Solgaz gas hobs mistakenly calling them gas induction, gas induction cooker or gas induction hob.

With a smooth ceramic surface without protruding grates or unnecessary nooks and crannies where dirt can collect, flameless gas hobs are easy to keep clean. The cyclic operation of the appliance and the provision of free fields means that Solgaz gas hobs generate up to 50% savings on cooking gas consumption.


SOLGAZ flameless gas hobs reduce gas consumption by up to 50%.


We have been in business for 20 years and the products we create have been developed and patented in Poland.


Gas technology under glass avoids burnt pots and greasy deposits without sacrificing the ability to cook at the highest level.

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Timeless Technology

Our flameless gas hobs combine the modern look typical of induction cooktops with the familiar and appreciated technology of gas cookers.

Hob technology gas under glass


The market leader in flameless gas hobs

We are a Polish company specialising in modern, functional and also unique gas hobs. We have built our business in Poland and it is here that our patented flameless gas hob technology has its roots.

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