Gas hobs

How to choose a gas hob?

Choosing a gas hob is not an easy task. Many producers promotes low-price products, however this kitchen equipment is not something worth saving money on: it is the hob that is the most important appliance when it comes to cooking a meal. Solgaz provides two distinctive, yet equally innovative solutions: flameless gas hob and a self-cooking hob. Which one suits you better? See a quick summary below.


Gas hob

Gas hobs 1

  • Thanks to the gas-under-glass technology, everything is concealed under the ceramic hob.
  • Consumes up to 50% less gas than a traditional cooker.
  • Gas is combusted at 800°C and as a result fumes do not leave fat stains on dishes and furniture.
  • Does not require special pots.



Self-cooking hob

Gas hobs 2

  • A dedicated sensor detects what is being cooked in your pot.
  • Select desired temperature and the hob will maintain it in the pot (by increasing and decreasing the flame by itself).
  • Electric kettle feature – the burner will not turn off until the right moment comes.
  • . As many as 25 intensity levels provide precision never seen before.


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