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Thanks to unique sensors and electronics, the hob monitors the situation in the pot all by itself: maintains proper temperature, boils water and turns itself off in the right moment. This is only beginning. Find out more about GNC 4-AUTO hob.

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Automatic cooking.

Automatic cooking.

Select power level and the hob will maintain proper temperature in the pot.



The hob is protected against flooding, blowing out, too high temperature and so much more. This is why you can cook more safely than ever before.

Additional conveniences.

Additional conveniences.

It is the only hob with booster, timer and pause features.


Smart sensor monitors situation in the pot

It is the heart of the hob, placed on a telescopic construction which allows it to adhere perfectly to the bottom of every dish. The sensor measures the temperature at all times and provides information on the condition of every burner. Has proper temperature been reached? Is the pot empty? Is water boiling already? Perhaps is oil bout to catch fire? Smart sensor knows it all and takes action immediately, if needed!

Why smart senor? See how it works

Similar sensor were used on giant tank ships transporting petroleum. It is an extraordinarily dangerous and high temperature-sensitive cargo, therefore it was decided its condition should be monitored constantly. This is how our sensor’s ancestor was born, which was attached to metal petroleum barrels. It monitored their temperature on a current basis and in case of a danger would set off the alarm. The sensor was capable of measuring temperature as many as a few hundred times per second, therefore it is precise enough even for such responsible tasks. Similar use, albeit in primitive form, was found in Japanese kitchens. In 21st century Japan was still grappling with the problem of frequent kitchen fires. The country was haunted by frequent fires due earthquakes and cooking on deep fat. In 2010 alone 5,000 fires broke out. In order to ensure safety, Japanese government put very simple temperature sensors in place. They would monitor pot’s temperature at all times and recognize the moment oil sets on fire if someone during evacuation forgot about their unfinished dinner on the stove. They would simply cut off the gas once temperature reaches certain point. The results were terrific. Within 2 years alone the number of accidents declined by 20%. Those technologies, among others, inspired us to create sensor in SOLGAZ GNC 4-AUTO gas hob. Our solution still puts safety in the first place. The hob ensures our safety the entire time. Whenever it notices that temperature is rising to the point that could spark off fire of oil or cause the pot to melt – it will automatically turn the burner off a dozen or so seconds in advance. It will proceed the same way if you e.g. forget about your soup and waters boils dry. A cooker left unattended will never pose danger anymore thanks to such safety measures. What is more, the sensor in SOLGAZ GNC 4-AUTO set makes life easier for everyone. It constantly monitors the temperature inside the pot and allows you to keep the hob at the temperature you want.



Learn more about automatic cooking

Learn more about automatic cooking

Automatic cooking would not be possible if not for unique smart sensors which monitor temperature the entire time. But how does the hob know what is the temperature inside? What happens if all of a sudden we pour more water inside? And if pot’s bottom is really thick? This is where the electronics come in. They are capable of properly analysing the information received. In the course of two years we developed special algorithms ensuring the hob will react appropriately. The sensor in fact sends much more information: for instance, information on how the temperature changes depending on the size of flame. If there is more liquid in the pot, the bottom cools down more quickly and if there is little of it – more slowly. Temperature is absorbed in an entirely different way by water than by meat or oil. Thanks to lengthy tests and hundreds of thousands of various measurements we are certain that the hob will always act the way we need and we will be able to enjoy even tastier meals. Each meal requires a different temperature: 42°C is ideal for melting butter and chocolate, 70°C for heating up soups and sauces, 94°C for cooking pasta and rice, 140-175°C for French fries oil (depending on the type) and 150°C for a steak. If we set the hob to keep low temperature, it will work as a sous-vide machine, keeping temperature at e.g. 40°C. If we set it at 190°C, we can go ahead and cook meals in deep fat without having to worry about setting it on fire or oil temperature being too low. Of course, if you prefer to adjust the flame size yourself, you still have 25 power levels to choose from!

Enjoy automatic cooking

GNC 4-AUTO can cook automatically. Just set the temperature for it to maintain and… this is it. The hob will increase it, decrease it and if needed, it will turn burner off so that temperature is spot on. You will no longer have to worry about something burning or boiling over.



Precision never seen before

Precision never seen before

Exactly 25 power levels provide precision never found before in cookers. Gradual and accurate flame adjustment ensures we are in control. Until now, you had to act blindly when controlling the flame, now it only takes to press either + or – in order to move by precisely one level. Such a wide range of levels ensures we will always be able to find the right temperature – even with a moderate flame.

Find out how we accomplished that

For many years we have been working towards solutions no one else in the world can design. We have also been pioneers in the field of electronic gas control since the very beginning. Now it is no different. The GNC 4-AUTO model uses our protected-by-patent electro valves which are capable of dosing gas with an accuracy of a hundredth of a millimetre. As a result the appliance features exactly 25 power levels – the amount ensuring full control. Less power levels is without question insufficient, which can confirm any person who cooked pancakes at least once. When the flame is too small, the dough boils and if too big – it burns. With our cookers such issues will never occur.



Electric kettle feature

Electric kettle feature

A whistle of water boiling will never again by a reason to jump to your feet. SOLGAZ GNC 4-AUTO gas hob will boil water for tea or coffee all by itself and will simply turn off the burner afterwards. Just like an electric kettle.



Cooking can be even easier

Extra features will help you in everyday situations




Increases power of a burner so that you can cook your meal faster



Turns off burner after set time, for instance boiling water with rice after 8 minutes



Comes in handy when we have to leave kitchen for a moment.


Learn more about these features

Booster increases power of a burner for a moment, which will come in handy when time is of the essence, for instance when you are cooking potatoes for dinner. The hob will boil water quickly when on full power and then return to its previous setting. This way you save time and swiftly prepare your signature dish. Imagine you are in the middle of preparing a three-course meal for your family. There is a soup boiling in one pot, sauce bubbling in another, meat is frying on a pan and milk for dessert is heating up in a saucepan. It might be challenging to get it all under control. And what if suddenly you have to leave to pick up the phone or get a package? Press ``Pause``. All burners will instantly turn off and when you get back, you will retrieve the exact same settings under each one of them by a single press of a button. Thanks to the ``Pause`` feature a break in cooking has never been so easy. Timer will turn off a burner automatically after given time. You no longer have to remember to get up to turn the stove off or to stare at the timer to get a perfect soft-boiled egg. SOLGAZ GNC 4-AUTO will do it for you.



Safety at the highest level

Safety is our top priority and GNC 4-AUTO set is inarguably the safest gas hob in the world. The hob is prepared for every situation. Burner will automatically turn on again after the flame has been blown out. The hob will turn off if you spill something on the ceramic surface. On the display, you can find information on issues with the gas or that the burner is still hot after previous cooking. In addition, you can lock the hob so that our children do not turn it on by accident. Temperature sensor on the other hand will turn off the cooker if it gets too hot in the pot.

This is not the only protection. Check what else GNC 4-AUTO is capable of

GNC 4-AUTO is a model that makes gas cooking safer than ever. Once the hob is informed on irregularities, it will display a message on the control panel. Sensors are designed in a way that once temperature inside the pot exceeds 240°C, the entire appliance will shut down. It is the oil flash point and this is what this hob will protect you against. Lock is a feature that allows to prevent the entire appliance from being turned on accidentally e.g. by children, something impossible in appliances with conventional valves. In case wind blows the flame out, the hob will turn it on again. If something spills or boils over on the glass surface, the appliance will shut itself down. It will also display a proper letter when for instance pressure is too low or there is no gas. There is also a residual heat indicator on the display. It will let you know which burner is still hot after cooking and protect you from touching it accidentally.



Additional ceramics cooling for easier cleaning

There is an extra fan beneath the ceramic surface which cools it, so that we are sure nothing sticks to it and cleaning is quick and easy. Just wipe it with a cloth.


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  • One should consider Polish technologies when arranging kitchen or planning cooker exchange

    One should consider Polish technologies when arranging kitchen or planning cooker exchange

  • Flameless gas hobs constitute an ideal compromise between modern design and benefits of a conventional gas hob

    Flameless gas hobs constitute an ideal compromise between modern design and benefits of a conventional gas hob

  • Kitchen crowd-puller

    Kitchen crowd-puller

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A design that works in every kitchen

Black and stylish design is Solgaz appliances’ distinctive mark. Burners with cast-iron grates are placed so that most of smooth, glass surface is displayed. No protruding taps or knobs and a thought-out design that is unprecedented in other gas cookers, at the same time exceptionally versatile and proves in almost all kitchens.

See designs in various interiors

Easy installation

Installing a hob is like installing a regular cooker – really straightforward. It takes only cutting an opening in the table top and placing the hob inside. SOLGAZ GNC 4-AUTO is a standard-sized set and thus will fit every cupboard.

See technical specification and instructions on how to install



Self-cooking, detects pot content.

Fits a 60cm (23.5 in.) cupboard

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