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Mysterious black glass, touch control and a wide range of capabilities makes SP-50 Magical Oven a perfect match with Solgaz inspiring household appliances. Discover high-class look and feel the real magic of baking!

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Magical Oven is one of the best equipped appliances in the market. You’ll find inside not only telescopic slides, rotating spit or plates, but also a pizza stone.



SP-50 oven comes with special catalytic inserts, thanks to which fat is burnt to ash and you don’t have to worry about fat stains.



Triple glass ensures that front of the oven stays cool even during baking and in addition control panel can be locked so that the appliance cannot be turned on by children by accident.


Perfect baking

Magical oven is a perfect assistant in the kitchen. As it features 9 different baking modes, our dishes will always be perfectly baked. Use features defrost, toaster, heater, convection and dry according to your own preference. By combining them you can easily decide how to bake your dish and be sure about the final result. What’s more, SP-50 oven was awarded category A in energy efficiency tests, which translates into less energy consumption and smaller energy bills.




What are the modes available in the oven? Learn more

Defrost – defrost any dish quickly
Lower heater – heat coming from below will come in handy with dishes that require high temperature, however don’t have to be toasted. Works well with sweet and salty cakes, short crust pastries or pizzas.
Upper and lower heater – Heat is generated both from below and above which allows the temperature to spread evenly inside. Perfect for preparing any kind of a roast, bread, stuffed cake. Especially recommended for fat meats, such as goose or a duck.
Upper heater – works perfectly with any kind of casserole where first of all we want to toast the top of a dish and not roast it completely.
Upper grill – an excellent way to grill various dishes, especially small- and medium-sized pieces of meat. Perfect for roasting sausage, ribs and bacon. Along with this feature you can use rotating spit to prepare a perfect chicken at your home.
Upper heater + grill – Simply intensifies grill feature if what we require is a really high temperature or when in the last stage you want to get a crispy crust.
Grill + convection – perfect solution if we’re grilling or finishing a ``haute cuisine`` dish
Two heaters + convection – Due to even heating and additional heat circulation we can be sure that equal temperature is maintained in the entire oven. As a result we are able to prepare meals on different levels at the same time without any issues.
Dry – thanks to fan and subtle heating this program works perfectly for drying fruit and vegetables.



Easy cleaning

The oven features special catalytic inserts on side and rear walls. Fat is combusted thoroughly on their surface during roasting. It means that fat stains don’t gather and all gushing fat is burnt down already in the course of roasting and we don’t have to worry about anything. Just collect ash from the bottom of the oven and forget about any kind of scrubbing. What’s more, thanks to uniform and smooth surface you are able to clean the front easily and pleasantly. In SP-50 oven all 3 door glasses are also easily accessible. If necessary, just pull them out and clean with a cloth.




How do catalytic inserts work?

``Catalytic cleaning`` may sound complicated. How inserts work, however, is pretty straightforward. Special panels in the back of the oven and on its sides are designed to make our life easier. No one really likes scrubbing an oven after each use. Since sides are coated with a special material, it is not necessary. The entire fat and dirt accumulated on the sides during roasting gets burnt and turns into ash. Catalytic combustion does not require high temperatures. The entire process takes place during preparation (starting at around 150°C). As a consequence of catalytic combustion, all leftovers which normally would dry up on surface, are turned into ash and only require sweeping out from the bottom once roasting is complete.



Intuitive control

SOLGAZ SP-50 oven features a touch control panel, thanks to which all settings are at your disposal at one touch. Just select baking mode, adjust temperature and start baking. Moreover, the oven comes with timer and quick warm up features. It makes it possible to select the exact baking time and, if time matters, increase heating power and save time needed to reach certain temperature.





It’s a key aspect of every device in our home, where kitchen appliances are often put to a test by our little ones. Due to this fact, proper safety measures are a priority in every appliance we produce. SP-50 oven features a special protection against accidental turning on, which prevents from changing any of the settings on the panel. Moreover, the door are covered with three layers of glass, which means you are free to touch the front with no worries, even during baking.



Rich interior

Magical oven’s over 50-litres interior is nearly completely full with additional accessories which may come in handy for roasting the most sophisticated dishes. It comes with metal grates and also deep and shallow baking tray. It also features an automatic rotating spit which allows you to prepare roasted meals at home. SP-50 oven comes with an extra pizza stone which will make the unique Italian taste like it was prepared in a special stove.



Unique design

SOLGAZ SP-50 oven, thanks to its smart, black style, will wonderfully match both modern and conventional kitchen. Compact size makes it possible to build it in without any trouble beneath a heating hob or on a post – at shoulder height. All this in a standard-sized 60cm (23.5 in.) cupboard.

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Easy installation

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