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Eco-oven SP-67P

Eco-oven SP-67P means practicality, safety and pyrolytic cleaning.

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This is an eco-oven featuring pyrolysis which enables the user to clean it without chemical agents. What does it mean?

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is our second name. First of all, cooled four-layered oven door and second of all, pyrolytic cleaning.

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has an intuitive panel that is elegant and made of glass. It will easily walk you through its features. You must have it!



oven features pyrolysis which heats it up to 500ºC. High temperature makes it possible to burn stubborn dirt and fat produced during cooking. Just remove the ash accumulated during the process with a dry cloth afterwards. Pyrolysis’s biggest edge is its ability to clean the entire interior of the oven, making its way even to the most stubborn dirt. There is no need to remove slides and trays, therefore you don’t waste time for dismantling the device. The appliance is perfect for those who love cooking! You get more time for pleasure, since cleaning is left to SP-67P. Eco-oven means time-saving and chemical-free cleaning.




The use of pyrolytic cleaning system is safe even with little children. Door gets locked once certain temperature inside is reached. Additionally cooled, four-layered door ensure safe temperature on the exterior glass during cooking and also during automatic cleaning of the oven’s chamber.




67 litres of capacity and telescopic slides is a huge advantage of the eco-oven. By this you will fit much more dishes, both for your family and friends. Perfect for every occasion.


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PRACTICAL INTERIOR SP-67P features 11 modes, including pyrolytic cleaning. There is a convection mode which spreads heat inside, allowing meals to be toasted equally from each side. Further baking modes allow to prepare moist cakes and fruitcakes - perfect during summertime. It features grill and defrost mode. Eco-oven is stylish, practical and economical. We also care for the environment. SP-67P was awarded category A in energy efficiency tests.

See designs in various interiors

Easy installation

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Eco-oven SP-67P

Eco-oven SP-67P