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Oven, microwave and steaming – we were able to combine all you might need in the kitchen in one compact appliance. On top of that it features as many as 80 automatic modes, so you don’t have to worry about correct settings.

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The oven has 34 litres of capacity and is able to hold two cakes or a large chicken.



It’s the first oven that combines baking, steaming and a microwave. You don’t need any other appliances.



Select dish type and weight (e.g. pizza 400g) and leave it to it. Don’t worry about settings and time. The oven will let you know once the meal is ready.


Oven, microwave and steaming

With SOLGAZ SP-34-PM oven you don’t need extra room for other appliances. We were able to combine as many as 3 appliances in one: an oven, a microwave and a steam cooker. You can use each of them independently, for instance microwave or steam cooker only. On the other hand, combining features of those appliances may bring astounding results.

What combining different modes can give you?

Oven + steaming
The combination of conventional baking and steaming ensures that your dishes will never be dry again. Dough rises better thanks to steam and meat on other hand will be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
Oven + microwave
Also known as the Turbo mode – a real time-saver. Through two heating sources your dishes will be ready to eat and your guests won’t have to wait for your signature dish.
Microwave + steaming
It’s a perfect mode for warming dishes up on the next day. Some of them dry up quickly and don’t taste as good as when straight from the oven. Through the use of steaming while warming up, dishes are softer, richer and will never be dry.



Achieve more with steam

Achieve more with steam

By steaming, your dishes will not only be tastier, but also healthier. It allows to keep all nutrients, vitamins and colours. Steam is not only cook’s great assistant but also comes in handy during oven cleaning. It takes only 30 minutes and hot steam will reach every nook in the oven and melt fat away that may have accumulate inside. You won’t have to scrub the oven ever again.




Learn why steaming is the healthiest way of cooking

Contrary to popular belief, steaming is not a sophisticated, cutting-edge technology, but rather a proven culinary technique known to humanity for thousands of years. Before man learned how to control fire, he used hot springs for cooking. Today, by the use of appliances such as SOLGAZ SP-34-PM oven, this technique is experiencing a renaissance. Steaming is simple and easily accessible thanks to our oven. And there’s quite a lot of benefits. First and foremost, conventional cooking contributes to the loss of 40% of vitamins and minerals in a meal and 70% in case of vitamin C. As for vegetables boiled in water, vitamins are washed away and valuable minerals vanish due to high temperature and are washed away by water which is later drained. When steaming, products retain their natural nutritional value, vitamins and minerals. There is no need to season them either and you can give up salt, as taste doesn’t get washed away during steaming. Such prepared meals are healthier and thanks to giving up fats and oil also light. You can steam fruits and vegetables, poultry, fish and seafood, rice and groats.



80 automatic modes

With your SP-34-PM oven you don’t need to worry about anything. Just put your dish inside and select one of 80 automatic modes and the oven will match appropriate programme and set time needed for a perfect dish all by itself. Just select e.g. asparagus or a chicken leg and enter weight. The oven will adjust heating, its mode and time by itself and at the end will let you know that your dish is perfectly prepared.




SP-34-PM oven is an extraordinarily safe appliance. Safety is a key aspect, since kitchen appliances are often put to a test by our little ones. 3-in-1 oven equals safety. It features parental control, but also automatically goes into pause mode if you open the door while it’s still on. Furthermore, remarkable design of the door with a special netting inside prevents heat from moving to the front. As a result, it stays cool even when it’s on.



Compact size

Due to its compact size, the interior heats up outright. It’s a considerable time-saver. The oven’s chamber is ideal (34 litres) for everyday baking. It fits a chicken or two cakes with ease.



Unique design and easy installation

SOLGAZ SP-34-PM oven, thanks to its smart, black style, will wonderfully match both modern and conventional kitchen. Compact size makes it possible to build it in without any trouble beneath a heating hob or on a post – at shoulder height. All this in a standard-sized 60cm (23.5 in.) cupboard.

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Easy installation

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