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Flameless gas hob cleaning guide


The hob is red hot and pieces of scrambled eggs fell on it. How to clean it? It won’t take more than 5 minutes. Solgaz ceramic hobs are vitroceramic, just like all induction hobs on the market, so it can’t be that hard. ?


Cleaning products


See care products. Find 4 easy steps on how to clean the hob below:

gpc czyszczenie ceramicznej płyty gazowej1


Step 1.
Start with a Scraper

It simply makes life easier. Ceramic hob scraper reminds of a reversed safety razor. You can use it to get rid of the most stubborn burn marks.

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Step 2.
“Cleanness” cleaning milk

It is a dedicated milk devised in collaboration with the company Solgaz. Works perfectly with all kinds of burn marks and other heavy stains.

Apply it on the hob and wait approximately a minute until it dissolves fat. Remember to use the agent only for ceramic elements of the hob since they are resistant enough.

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Step 3.
Wipe the hob with a cloth or a sponge.

Since it is milk, faint streaks may remain. However, it is important to wipe what is left on the hob. You can also use the agent CARE. It is a dedicated preparation that will help to clean slighter stains and will also keep the hob in a good shape.

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Step 4.
GLOSS sprayer

In the end I used ceramic hob agent in spray. It is highly recommended to use the one that was tested on Solgaz appliances and designed for them. Wait two minutes and polish.

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Cleaning products


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