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Two dishes at the same time – using different modes, temperatures and without smells mixing. Save energy and time thanks to oven SP-70-DUO.

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The largest capacity.

The capacity of DUO oven is 70l. You can be sure that even turkey fits it without any trouble.

DUO feature.

Separate the oven into two parts and enjoy each one of them totally independently. DUO mode allows to cook two meals at the same time.


DUO oven features self-cleaning thanks to special catalytic inserts.


DUO, or two meals at the same time

DUO oven enables you to cook two meals at the same time – in different modes and at different temperatures. A special separator ensures that smells won’t mingle and also allows to save time and energy. DUO oven was awarded category A in specialist energy efficiency tests for each of the chambers.


Save time and energy thanks to using both of the chambers simultaneously for preparing two dishes at once.

When preparing smaller dishes you can make use of only one half of the oven. Smaller chamber will heat up more quickly. Preparing the dish will be more cost-efficient.

Whenever you need it, you can make use of over 70 litres of DUO oven’s available capacity. This way you will be sure that every dish will fit in.


An interior that surprises

Inside, DUO oven hides many surprises that will make cooking easier. Telescopic slides will make sure that even heavy dishes on trays can be pulled out seamlessly and securely. In the set you will also find baking trays, grates and special rotating spit.



Perfect control

Oven DUO features a precise touch control system. Inside, on the other hand, we will find a temperature probe that indicates not only the temperature in the chamber, but also the temperature of our dish. This guarantees our cake or meat doesn’t leave the oven too soon but is spot on instead.

How does temperature probe work? Learn more

Simply speaking, temperature probe is an electronic thermometer that is to be stuck into meal that is being prepared. Give it a try, as it provides perfect control over temperature in the process of cooking. It easily allows to determine if our meal is ready to be eaten and prevents it from being burnt. It therefore helps cook a perfect roast. It is an excellent tool for inexperienced cooks who are sometimes preoccupied their cake or roast is not quite done inside. Culinary perfectionists, on the other hand, will find it useful in their pursuit of perfection. It works fantastically with baking, but above all with roasting meat. Just stick the skewer into the dish and select the temperature the oven is supposed to reach before turning off.




A kitchen appliance has to be safe, as it tends to be extremely interesting for our children. DUO Oven features triple-glass door which ensure oven’s front stays cool even working at full power. The door is equipped with a special silent shutting system which allows the door to shut automatically and silently. The touch panel can also be locked, preventing it from being automatically turned on by children.



Easy cleaning

You don’t need to worry about cleaning DUO oven. Catalytic inserts located on side and rear walls of the oven will do it for you. The entire fat and dirt accumulated on the sides during roasting gets burnt in the process of cooking. Days of scrubbing the interior of oven are over. When everything is done, just sweep the ash gathered on the bottom of the chamber.

How do catalytic inserts work?

``Catalytic cleaning`` may sound complicated. How inserts work, however, is pretty straightforward. Special panels in the back of the oven and on its sides are designed to make our life easier. No one really likes scrubbing an oven after each use. Since sides are coated with a special material, it is not necessary. The entire fat and dirt accumulated on the sides during roasting gets burnt and turned into ash. Catalytic combustion does not require high temperatures. The entire process takes place during preparation (starting at around 150°C). As a consequence of catalytic combustion, all leftovers which normally would dry up on surface are turned into ash and only require sweeping out from the bottom once roasting is complete.


Unique design for every interior

Solgaz’s distinctive black and refined finish is a guarantee that the hob will match both modern and classic interiors.

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Easy installation

You can easily build magical oven SP-70 DUO in in every kitchen cupboard, both beneath heating hob and on a post, at shoulder height. Due to standard size, there shouldn’t be any trouble with installation.

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